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From the Founder

Our family builds on 5 generations of experience. That’s nearly 500 years of being fine jewelry tradespeople! Crazy, huh? When I joined the “business”, I knew that it was time for some much needed change. At Zazzy Box, we’re revolutionizing the custom-made experience with transparency, technology, and excitement, bringing a value-driven touch.

– Asit Shah, Founder & CEO

Zazzy Box- forward

How it took years to overcome failures and create a bootstrapped, self-funded jewelry store.

April 2023 Houston, we have a website!

Houston, we have a website!

We launched www.zazzybox.com!

November 2022 Hired intern

Hiring minions

We hired an intern to support our growing eCommerce activities. Welcome Rohan!

October 2022 Meeting new manufacturer in Dubai

Visiting the Burj Kalifa

We visited Dubai to establish a relationships with a growing manufacturer in Dubai.

May 2022 New showroom

Opening the studio

We opened a small, modern studio to welcome private clients. We’re excited to call this our new home!

March 2022 Asit joins Entrepreneurs Organization

Leveling up

Zazzy joined EO to learn from a diverse set of business people. Some had already faced the challenges Zazzy Box was undergoing and they were able to guide Zazzy towards a more successful, value-driven future.

September 2021 Renovating new office

Developing a new space

We developed a new, 2,200 square foot home for both Mody Diamonds and Zazzy Box. While the planning and development phases were turbulent, we are grateful to host clients in a light-driven, modern workspace.

May 2021 Negotiating deal for new office lease


Accommodating clients in our 900 sqft. space was difficult. Asit advocated for a new space and by working with other tenants in the same building, we were able to secure a lease.

April 2021 First magazine

A little attention

As Zazzy Box tested the retail waters, we offered an interview with Voyage Houston.

January 2021 Rebranding products


We invested into branding and adopting Zazzy Box stationary and packaging! This is when we first introduced the Zazzy Box lighted ring-box.

January 2019 Started custom engagement rings


While we started with the intention to sell cheap, hip-hop jewelry, we knew something wasn’t right. We found our core strength when we built our first engagement ring – the experience was fun, the customer loved the product, and we were profitable. Bingo!

April 2018 Asit Shipping Packages

Zazzy Box is born!

Asit started Zazzy Box on April 16, 2018 as Rhodia Designs, LLC. He wanted to break away from his parent’s business and build a strong, independent,inclusive, self-funded jewelry store – an arena that our family was not experienced with.

The pre-Zazzy days 

Nearly 40 years in the making.

2018 Asit joins the family diamond business

Brace for impact

Following nearly four decades of operating the business, Pravina welcomed her grandson Asit, who had recently graduated from the Bauer College at the University of Houston, into the trade as an apprentice.

1992 New building

Upgraded to an office

The family business moves from their home setup to a proper jewelry building, expediting the growth of the business.

1986 – 1991

A family ordeal

Tina became a part of the family business while she was still in college and later got married to Rajiv, who also joined the business.

1978 – 1980 Pravina getting idea of entering Houston's diamond market

Against the odds

Pravina faced tremendous challenges when she left behind everything she knew to immigrate to a foreign land. However, she persevered and founded Mody International, which bridged the gap between Houston’s retail jewelers and India’s diamond market. She brought nearly 5 generations of experience in luxury goods to Houston. She was an immigrant, female, minority and entreprenuer!

1972 Pravina leaving India in 1972.

Pack your bags!

Pravina’s (the founder of Mody Diamonds) husband immigrated to Texas from India to pursue a graduate degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Houston. Shortly thereafter, Pravina and her three children joined him in Houston to pursue the American dream.