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April 14th, 2023 | Loupe 01

Everyday Extraordinary

with Rani Ramchandani

Budget: 1k range

Background: aka info for context

“Everyday Extraordinary” is the catchphrase for the magnificent beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives.

“Everyday Extraordinary” is the catchphrase for the magnificent beauty that surrounds us in our daily lives. At Zazzy Box, I may not be a jewelry designer, but I’ve become a student of our clients as we craft and source custom fine jewelry. It’s been a wild ride to understand their artistic vision, balance their budget, and direct artists, CAD designers, suppliers, and manufacturers. It’s brought me an unexpected appreciation for people and their incredible ability to live every day with love in their hearts. This “a-ha” moment led us to create the “Everyday Extraordinary” pulse, where we share stories of how fine jewelry can enhance the natural beauty we all possess.

We stumbled upon the fabulous Rani Ramchandani, who embodies a vibrant blend of American, Filipino, and Indian cultures. Rani’s love for culture, food, and nature is apparent in her personal Instagram, “rani.eats.” I slid into her DMs in 2021 and persuaded her to join our experiment: creating affordable, custom-made jewelry inspired by her everyday life. It was a fantastic adventure, and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular!


aka: the unedited real life convos that actually happened – for real

Assume: each bullet starts with “Asit”

Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2021 August

  • Reaches out to Rani via Insta, engages in a deep dialogue about Rani’s recent move to Kauai.
  • Buys an oversized sketchpad (because who doesn’t feel like an artist with one?) and carefully analyzes the convo with Rani to find translatable jewelry-related meanings.
  • Noticed that leaves in Rani’s photos look similar to Marquise-shaped diamonds and considered designing a wavy circular piece to symbolize Rani’s time in Kauai.
  • Meets with Rani and eagerly pulls out a trusty oversized sketchpad (judging by her expression, she probably thought I was either a dedicated artist or borderline psycho, but hey, no in-between, right?). Lesson learned: never take parcels of diamonds to a restaurant again. Facepalm emoji.
Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2021 September

  • Sweet. Figured it out, Imma genius. I put waves, flowers, circles, and diamonds together in a jewelry piece and can produce this under $1K locally. Bingo!
  • Sends examples of gold colors, coin sizes for reference, and different material textures to help visualize the piece.
  • Initial renders are created and shared. Rani’s beginning to like it (sends a list of 4 edits).
  • Oct 18 – Rani sends the deciding text: “Asit – can you chat for a few mins?” Rani eloquently says that the design looks like something she’d pick up at Macy’s.

Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2021 Fall

  • Rani starts sending sketches of what’s on her mind.

Omg these look like hieroglyphics how do I make this into jewelry

Rainbows everywhere
I still see waves and islands

  • Rani sends reassuring text affirming her faith in my jewelry capabilities.

Thank you lord for friends that give unlimited retries!

Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2022 Spring

  • Tries to pick up on this side project.

Not feeling the direction of where this is going, no way she’ll wear this.

  • Introduces the idea of colored gemstones – specifically, padparadscha (pink-ish) sapphires. She seems to be into the concept.
  • Reassures Rani that this project will one day get done.

Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2022 September

  • Connects via FaceTime in New York, restarts the work and changes direction all together.
  • Assigns rani a task: Send photos of colors you like. Rani sends photos of trees and landscapes and other similar stuff.
  • Finds out that Rani is in love with the color moss green. This is her spirit color (insert awakening emoji).
Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2022 October

  • Rani schedules a calendly visit to Zazzy Box.

This is getting real yo.

  • Observes how Rani interacts with jewelry (in-person). Game changer. Bingo. I FINALLY FIGURED OUT WHAT SHE WOULD LIKE!!!
  • Rani coins the term ‘Zazzy Daddy’.
Nature, Connection, and Intuition

2022, November

  • We’re not doing my stick figure sketches no more. Employs an amazing drawer. CAD designer comes thru with renders/videos. Thanks Gaurav!
  • Rani loves the mockups.
  • Rani schedules a pick up visit. 
  • She plans an outfit around her visit. Asit recommends neutrals to let the green shine.
  • Rani is presented with the jewelry. She loves it. She is into it.
aka: reflections on learned experiences

Working with Rani has transformed me into a jewelry designer with a fresh perspective.

While I had limited exposure and interest in the world of fine jewelry, Rani challenged me to translate an old, jargon-riddled industry to an audience who values essentialism, meaning, and the way we invest our time in people, things, and ourselves.

Our first attempt was a total miss; our try-hard approach to fine jewelry was cringe-worthy. But the second piece was different, it was pure everyday magic. The piece is budget-friendly, practical, and wearable. It’s a reminder that fine jewelry doesn’t have to break the bank and should complement the subject’s lifestyle, vibe, and unique interests.


We incorporated special meaning for Rani, such as a moss-green colored stone that evokes the gentle reminder of Hawaii and this phase of her life. We also used muted yellow gold, which complements Rani’s skin tone, and accented diamonds that are subtle yet wearable. The pear shape of the jewelry is inspired by natural deviations seen in nature and a reminder of the tropical environment.

Navigating creating pieces from scratch with no direction, minimal budget, and unlimited creativity was challenging. It’s a stark contrast from what we see on Instagram, Pinterest, and popular media. This composition allowed us to create something wearable and personalized, emphasizing the person’s individuality, and allowing the jewelry to serve as an accent and not the show-stopper itself.

You are the showstopper, and we believe in that wholeheartedly!


P.S. pieces typically don’t take 2 years to make. From design conception to delivery, they take 2-8 weeks depending on complexity. This was a “for fun, for hobby” project – it took a bit longer! 

Product Purchased

Nature, Connection, and Intuition

10K Yellow Gold Green Tourmaline

Gemstones: 1.45 carats of natural Tourmalines
Diamonds: 0.11 carat of Round Brilliant H color, SI1 clarity natural diamonds 
Metal: 10K gold 
Included: 16” 10K yg chain 

Retail: $1k – $1.3k
Nature, Connection, and Intuition

Sapphire Earrings and Pendant Set including Natural Earrings

Gemstones: 1.10 ct natural blue-ish green Tourmalines 
Diamonds: 0.24 ct Round Brilliant H color, SI1 clarity natural diamonds 
Metal: 10K gold 

Retail: $1.8k – $2k

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