Celebrating 5 years, welcome to our new website.

Up Next

Our team uses a diverse palette of project management tools to make our digital dreams come true

May 2023

Site Enhancements

New pages to showcase our values and sourcing, upgrades to Lookbook, Loupe, and Reviews, plus improvements to Custom Orders. Stay tuned!

June 2023

Jun – v3 Buy Now

Get ready for our new “buy now” shopping experience, including integrations with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify. Plus, check out our pre-loved collection and new private client hub.

July 2023

Jul – v4 Fun Features

Discover our private vaults for natural, lab-grown, and gemstone jewelry, as well as our new digital repair service and collector’s items. Plus, enjoy more videos throughout the site.

August 2023

Aug – v5 Next Gen

Experience our integrated AR/VR features in-store and online, design rings in 360 degrees, and uncover our top-secret luxury offering, zolitäre.

Looking Ahead


Design smarter with ZazzyAI, check out our upcoming watch collection, and chat seamlessly with our team for custom orders. Faster delivery and fewer errors are on the way!