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Return & Shipping Policy


All sales are final and no refund will be issued.


If you have any questions concerning our return policy, please contact us at:


Forms of Payment

1. All transactions are tendered in United States Dollars (USD). 

2. Purchases require full-payment before ownership of the product and/or services is transferred. On custom fine jewelry products, we require that payments be 100% cleared prior to pick up or shipping. Online purchases are paid in full at the time of online checkout. 

3. Zazzy Box does not accept cryptocurrencies or other applications not listed on this page at the moment. 

4. Transactions exceeding $1,000 that are processed in-store or virtually require a signature and a valid government ID on file. 

5. Quotes for custom-fine jewelry are valid for up to 24 hours after the quote’s date. Due to fluctuating material prices, any quote that is not acted on with at least a 50% deposit may be subject to updated prices 

6. All custom fine jewelry projects needing custom designs require a $350 non-refundable deposit (applied towards the purchase) to produce initial CAD, 3D renderings with up to 3 edits on a single design, and a wax (which we ship complimentary). Wax can be kept, in most cases. Designs matriculated into production more than 6 months after the first wax is made require a new wax. Clients are charged a fee for every wax produced at more than one (1) variant of a design. 

7. A 50% non-refundable deposit or $1,000, whichever is greater, on custom projects and special orders quoted below $20,000 is needed to start production. Projects and estimates under $1,000 (including tax) are to be paid in full prior to starting the project. All projects are required to be paid in full within 30 days of the initial deposit. 

8. For all custom fine jewelry pieces and special orders quoted above $20,000 and for loose natural or lab grown diamonds or gemstones that are special-ordered for the client, we require full payment prior to starting the project. 

9. Custom projects and special orders which have not been paid in full within 30 days of receipt of merchandise or completion of the project are subject to forfeiture of deposit. 

10. Zazzy Box accepts multiple forms of payments on purchases. Please contact our team via sales@www.zazzybox.com, and our team will provide assistance. 

11. Purchases made via third party channels like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are processed through those respective channels. Forms of Payment listed on these pages may or may not apply 

12. These policies are effective November 1, 2022 and are subject to change at any time, and are reviewed quarterly.

To prevent credit-card fraud and theft, all virtual or in-store transactions above $1,000 may require for a government issued ID and/or signature on file. For purchases made online or virtually, we may also video-call the purchaser to verify authenticity. 

Please email sales@www.zazzybox.com for bank-wire information. We will send a secure email with relevant information after confirming your identity and may call and/or video call clients for further authentication. Wire purchases require 24 hours to process. For purchases made online or virtually, we may also video-call the purchaser to verify authenticity.

Transactions are private on the Venmo platform. All payments can be sent to @zazzy_box. 

We will send you the location to send payments. Invoices must be paid in full before the product is delivered.

Make notes payable to “Zazzy Box”. Transactions must be paid in full (checks must clear) before the product is delivered. We require a 24-hour clearance period. Bounce checks are charged a $150 fee.

Cash payments are rounded to the nearest dollar. All cash received is subject to authenticity testing. We require a government issued ID on all cash purchases. Purchases above $1,000 may require additional validation

Please inquire with our team about buy-backs. After a thorough evaluation of your fine jewelry trade-in or buy-back, our team may offer a credit voucher or check based on our assessed value of your trade-in that you can choose to accept. Learn more on our “Buy-Back’s and Trade-Ins” page at www.zazzybox.com.


Returns & Exchanges

Zazzy Box strives to provide the best-in-class buying experience. Our team extends this spirit towards all parts of our business including our Returns & Exchanges policies. Our priority is to ensure that your buying experience is easy, secure, and transparent. Due to the unique nature of the fine jewelry business and our specific supply chain, we adhere by a few guidelines when addressing a return and/or exchange request.

On Custom Fine Jewelry

Zazzy Box accepts LIMITED returns & exchanges on custom fine jewelry. The term “custom” refers to fine jewelry modified or created for your unique requests. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase or have changed your mind, we offer the following options:

On Custom & Made-To-Order Fine Jewelry

We do not accept returns or issue refunds on custom or made-to-order fine iewelry or jewelrv modified to meet a specific customer’s needs. We recommend that you review our Buy-Back page on our website for alternative solutions. Projects are typically noted as “CUSTOM” or “MADE-TO-ORDER” on invoices or online sale. 

On Loose Natural Or Lab Grown Diamonds Or Gemstones Purchased With/For Custom Fine Jewelry

Once a loose natural or lab-grown diamond or gemstone has been set in custom-fine jewelry, we do not offer returns or exchanges. We understand that seeing a product before buying is important – especially in a high-end luxury purchase. We encourage you to order stones separate from the custom fine jewelry, allowing you to return the stones if need be.

Modifications On Custom Fine Jewelry

From time to time, clients request for additional modifications on custom fine jewelry after approval of the design and/or wax. Should there be additional charges or changes to the accepted quote, our team will contact you for approval in writing and the client is charged to the original payment method. Once the jewelry is in production, modifications are often costly and require us to re-produce the ring/item, and those charges are passed on to the client.

On Online Purchases

Zazzy Box accepts returns & exchanges on ready-to-ship (non-custom) fine jewelry purchased online. In the event that you are not satisfied with your purchase or have changed your mind, we offer the following options:  

On Fine Jewelry Purchased Via ZazzyBox.com

We accept returns for up to 30 days after receipt for fine jewelry purchased from our catalog on www.zazzybox.com. We also accept exchanges on fine jewelry for fine jewelry (not watches) at the same value of your original purchase or of greater value (at your expense) within the 30 day time frame. Jewelry purchased with engravings is non-refundable. Jewelry purchased “on final sale” is non-refundable. Items marked “made-to-order” or “custom” are not refundable. Please reference “Initiating a Return or Exchange” for information on submitting a return.

On Fine Jewelry Purchased Via A 3rd Party Channel

Generally, we accept returns for up to 30 days after purchase for fine jewelry purchased via Amazon.com, eBay.com, Etsy.com, and other 3rd party selling-channels. Policies vary on all sites as such, we advise that you reference each marketplace for its unique returns and exchange policies.

On Pre Owned, Sale, Or Final Sale Fine Jewelry

We do not refund or exchange jewelry that was pre-owned, on sale, or on final sale. Typically, these items will be marked “non-refundable”.  

On Loose Natural Diamonds Or Gemstones Purchased Via ZazzyBox.com

For loose natural diamonds or gemstones purchased via www.zazzybox.com independently of fine jewelry (i.e., you bought the diamond and only the diamond), we offer a refund for up to 7 days after the delivery or pick up date. Any loose natural diamond or gemstone marked “NON- REFUNDABLE” or “SPECIAL ORDER” and/or “IMPORT” is not refundable. Loose natural diamonds or gemstones are typically marked “LOOSE NATURAL DIAMOND” or “LOOSE NATURAL GEMSTONE” on the online sale. All returns are strictly inspected for authenticity prior to acceptance.

On Loose Lab Grown & Synthetic Diamonds And Gemstones Purchased Via ZazzyBox.Com

For loose lab-grown diamonds or gemstones purchased via www.zazzybox.com independently of fine jewelry (i.e., you bought the diamond and only the diamond), we offer a refund for up to 30 days after the delivery or pick-up date. Any loose natural diamond or gemstone marked “NON- REFUNDABLE” or “SPECIAL ORDER” and/or “IMPORT” is not refundable. All returns are strictly inspected for authenticity prior to acceptance.

Steps For Initiating A Return Or Exchange

1 .Email sales@www.zazzybox.com with a copy of your original receipt or invoice number with a request to make a return. Please include your name, email address, and a phone number we can contact should we need any information to process the return. Include the word “RETURN” with the invoice number in your email subject line (example “RETURN – ZB-1443”). Merchandise must not have been engraved, worn, sized, and links or stickers must not be removed for the refund to be considered 

2. International customers are responsible for paying for any duties, taxes, VAT, or surcharges levied or charged by their country. Zazzy Box advises you use FedEx or DHL and that you contact your respective taxation authorities to confirm any relevant fees. 

3.Our team will be in touch with you within 5 business days with information about the next steps. 

4. Once we have approved your request to return the item, you will need to ship the items back to us. We will send you a complimentary insured, overnight FedEx label for purchases greater than $1,000. For purchases under $1,000, we will send you a complimentary 2-day UPS return label. Zazzy Box is not responsible for losses due to shipping carrier loss and in the event of an uninsured loss, customer’s may be required to file insurance claims with the carrier.

    a. Please follow the additional instructions when shipping products: 

        i. Please return all products to: ZB (ORDER/INVOICE #) Zazzy Box 6222 Richmond Avenue Suite 760-B Houston, Texas 77057 United States of America (USA) 

5. When returning the package, do not use descriptive marking like “diamond, jewelry, or gemstone”. Use the original box, appraisals, certificates, and any collaterals that was mailed with your purchase. Please securely send your return by double-packaging it and using any necessary packaging materials to safely secure the item. 

6. If you lost the original diamond certificate and your purchase included a certified diamond, the replacement cost will be deducted from your refund amount. Most diamonds and many gemstones are inscribed and our team inspects both the gemstone and certificate for authenticitv.

7. If a certificate is not returned at the time of the return, the replacement costs of gemstone certificates will be deducted from the total refund amount. Costs for certificates as of September 1, 2022 are as follows:

    a. Gemological Institute of America (CIA): $350 for gemstones under 1.00 carat, $700 for gemstones more than 1.00 carats.

    b. European Gemological Institute (EGL): $300 for gemstones under 1.00 carat, $600 for gemstones more than 1.00 carats.

    c. International Gemological Institute (IGI): $300 for gemstones under 1.00 carat, $600 for gemstones more than 1.00 carats.

    d. All other certifications: $300 .

8. The replacement cost of a jewelry appraisal is $100. If not returned, this is deducted from your total refund amount. 

9. All gemstones and fine jewelry being returned are checked for authenticity. If there are any alterations to inscriptions (if included) or if the gemstone does not test as it was sold, we will not process the refund. Fine jewelry returned with damages or differences of any sort will not be refunded. 

10. Once a return is inspected and accepted, we will send you an email to the email on file/provided by you. The refund will be issued to your original payment method within 15 business days post-acceptance. Should the refund not be accepted, we will ship the product back to you at no cost to you upon written authorization.

Refunds For Repairs & Jewelry Care

1. Repairs and jewelry care requests have a 30-day refund/redo policy on repairs and jewelry care. If you aren’t satisfied with your repair or service, we’ll redo the service at no charge within 30 days of the receipt. We do not refund customers work for work that was performed exactly according to the customers instructions. We do not refund the shipping fee.

How Can You Contact Us About This Policy?

If you have further questions about our returns & exchanges, you can email us at sales@www.zazzybox.com.

Shipping & Deliveries

Please carefully review our Shipping & Deliveries policy when purchasing our products. This policy applies to all orders placed with Zazzy Box.

For Purchases Below $1,000

We offer un-insured 2-day UPS shipping for $15 on purchases below $1,000 for deliveries in the 48 contagious US States and $30 for deliveries in Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. You can request to purchase insurance separately on online and virtual orders by emailing sales@www.zazzybox.com with your order number or choosing the “add insurance” option to your purchase. Orders placed on third-party selling channels like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay may have more shipping options.

For Purchases Above $1,000

We offer complimentary insured armored next-day shipping via FedEx (using Malca-Amit) on purchases exceeding $1,000. All insured shipments require signatures.

For International Purchases

Zazzy Box ships to select international destinations. Due to strict export requlations on fine jewelry, we may not be able to process requests from certain countries. Please contact sales@www.zazzybox.com for international transactions. All international shipment charges and export fees are passed on to the client.

Alternate Addresses

If you prefer your package to be shipped to a location other than your primary residence, Zazzy Box is able to ship the order to another destination. Please note that, regardless of the location the package is shipped to, you will need to be at the location to sign-off on the order. As a precautionary measure, all shipments made to addresses other than your billing address for orders placed on www.zazzybox.com will need confirmation from your bank, credit card, or financing company. Calling one of these institutions ahead of time can help us expedite the order.

Alternate Shipping

Zazzy Box can accommodate requests for shipping services other than FedEx and UPS. All charges for requested shipping services are charged to the client with a $10 handling charge in addition to the carrier’s quoted charge and insurance (if requested or advised).

PO & Military Boxes

We do not ship to PO Boxes or Military Boxes.


If you have further questions about our shipping and deliveries policy, you can email us at sales@www.zazzybox.com.